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walk out of the shadows


The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World


Lovely Spaces by Interior Designer Hillary Thomas


I know on busy&cold spring days like today, I will think back on this memory and my soul will fill with the warmth of these sunny afternoons, lost on Cumberland Island in a dream called Greyfield Inn

A poetic and artful umbrella, Komorebi is based on a Japanese expression that approximately translates to “sunshine filtering through foliage.”


American Apparel’s newest model, age 62.

There was something so compelling about Jacky’s look and energy when we first spotted her in a New York restaurant this winter, we introduced ourselves and pulled up a chair. During a long discussion that touched on everything from career choices and nutrition to insights on relationships, age and beauty, we asked if she would consider being photographed by us. We were thrilled when she agreed.


Marblehead Church on a Snowy Morning by Lake Erie Living.


Happy Friday everyone!

really wish i could do that

Kristina. A graduate student in Art Therapy. An artist. LOVE interior design, which is why many of my posts are just random rooms i love. love autumn and christmas time. AND i'm very picky about what i post! oh and i'm in love :), period <3 .

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